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Take part in appreciating the wonders of wine, and discover how to enhance its flavors and bring out the balance. The Fruit of the Vine is a workshop for those who would like to elevate their wine experience, like Christ brings us together and elevates us to salvation. Learn how to use our palates, immersing ourselves in communion of creation glorifying God through our sense of taste.

Speaker Profile:
Shaun Guevarra

Although educated as an aerospace engineer, Shaun quickly answered the Lords call and pursued his calling to a masters in theology. He served several years as a pastoral associate for local parishes and ran and developed talks for RCIA, adult faith formation, Theology of the Body and Confirmation. In 2003 he joined SFC and by 2008 entered in the sacrament of matrimony with Donna Belle. For the past 12 years they were married until her untimely passing to cancer in 2020. He has since then started writing talks for young adults focusing on Theology of the Body, relationships, the desire for authentic love and meeting generations where they are. He currently is an executive for a yacht sales company and serves at his local parish.

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Image by Diego PH

Learn how to transform the wonders that you've seen, experienced and imagined into new creations. The Art of Worship is a workshop for those who would like to creatively worship God using their art. As we create, we glorify God by offering our minds and bodies in revealing His beauty to those around us.

Speaker Profile:
Eggay Gonda

Graphic Designer for Joybird Furniture

Toy collector and Expert in early 90’s Saturday Morning Cartoons

Former Full-time Pastoral Worker for YFC in the Philippines

Design Contributor for Ablaze Communications

Been in the community since 1995 from YFC to SFC to now CFC Household leaders for young CFC members for SoCal West B3 (Los Angeles)

Married to his beautiful and inspiring wife Madel Gonda

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Image by Diego PH

Witness the beauty of all the wonders around you through the lenses. Picturing Heaven is a workshop that encourages people to look for God in the ordinary and to use their cameras as tools for worship. As we explore the frames and angles, we learn to appreciate capturing God’s picture perfect love through the shutters we hold in our hands.

Speaker Profile:
Gerald Tipones

Adventure Film Photographer

Merrell Brand Ambassador

Social Media Content Creator / Influencer

Works as Operations Manager at a BPO Company

Loves to go hiking, trail running and camping

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